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In the heart of Portugal there lies a charming 1898 palace that has been brought back to life from ruins by celebrated Muscovite interior designer Marina Kartashova. Marina and her staff invite you to retreat from the stress of a routine life to a place where you can be the captain, the king or queen, the spoilt grandchild; a place where all your wishes are granted. Imagine a glass of the finest Portuguese wine with some fresh home baked biscuits waiting for you when you arrive before taking a lovely relaxing warm bath in the room of your dreams. This is just the start of a holiday that could include a tailor made tour of our beautiful surroundings, a relaxing massage with your favourite fragrance and many more things you desire...


All 12 of our rooms are uniquely decorated and take you into a chapter of Juliana and Grigory Stroganov's love story. Our lounge areas are a place for stories and entertainment, the restaurant for exquisite cuisine, the terrace for views of breathtaking sunsets and stargazing, and of course our amazing spa and treatments. Added to this, our hotel has a function room for up to 250 guests, which means it becomes the perfect event venue for sparkling celebrations.


Come and enjoy the pleasures of life such as spending time in nature, going outside at night to look at the stars, going "awww" at the sheep and shepherd puppies in the fields and travelling back in time to ancient civilizations.


Cherish the little details without worries. Dare yourself to live fully, to get in touch with your true feelings and desires. We are sure you will take this peace back into your life because every day is like a blank notebook.